About Us

SCS SOLAR POWER  is  PIONEER  in Solar refrigerators, Solar Air Conditioners, High quality Hospital  Operation Theater  Lights up to 250W & above.

Home Solar Systems, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Panels, Charge Controllers, Solar Inverters Indian & imported of reputed makes.

SMPS DC POWER Supplies ,SMPS Power Adopters for Air Conditioning units, Sepecialized in the field of SMPS FCBC Chargers. Textile SMPS Power Supplies. 

Company’s  High Tech. Reliable  Microcontroller  based  CONSTANT CURRENT  THREE STAGE  INTELIGENT Charger  for various Battery Capacities is another pride product.

    For  quality  Battery Charging , C C  Three Stage charger is the best  Solution . You can Download  detailed  specification of these Products  from  Company’s  web site  www.scssolar.in


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