Solar Cell assembly Kit

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Product Description

Learn the essentials of solar power and the theories of series and parallel connections through lab exercises. Each kit includes a multimeter, four 1.5 volt 500 mA mini solar panels, one .5 volt 500 mA mini solar panel, four connection wires with alligator clips, a mini motor. This solar education kit does not involve any soldering, so they are perfectly safe for younger solar students, compared to the DIY solar panels kits, which require the use of soldering irons, and work with bulky components such as big sheets of glass. Everbright Solar's solar education kits are currently being used by leading solar training programs in the United States.

After you learn about the solar through the kit, all of the kit components can be directly utilized in many other small solar projects. The 1.5v solar panel is comparable to a regular D size battery and it can be used to power a small water pump for your fountain. The use of these components is only limited by your imagination. This solar education kit includes the following Items:

1) A multimeter (models and color may vary) that measures DC voltage and amperage, AC voltage and amperage, resistance of resistors, connectivity, etc. Rated at 10 amps maximum. Test leads are included.

2) Four 1.5v, 500 mA solar panels made from Evergreen solar cells, which have the smallest carbon footprint in the world.

3) One .5v, 500 mA solar panel made from Evergreen solar cell, which have the smallest carbon footprint in the world.

4) One DC motor rated at 1.5v and 2000 rpm. Easily powered by the 1.5v solar panels includes. Serial connect or parallel connect the 1.5v panels includes to see the effect it has on the motor speed. The motor is good for use in toys and motorized model airplanes, boats, etc.

5) Four connection wires with alligator clips on both ends of the wires. Two are red; the other two, white.