6"x6" Solar Cell

Product Description

40 Mono 6x6 Solar Cells DIY Panel Kit Average 4w Per Cell
1. Item Details:
           6"x6" solar cell  kit contains high quality 40 nos. cells

This set of new 6"x6" solar cells are mono crystalline cells made by an American solar company that has produced solar products in the United States for decades. They are very wholesome cells. Mono crystalline solar cells are made from mono ingots / wafers which produce the highest efficiency silicon solar cells on the market today. These solar cells have three bus bars on the front and back. These solar cells have never been used, and they are not de-soldered from failed panels and strings, so you can start from a clean slate, which is good for soldering. These solar cells are not tested by each individual piece, however, we flash tested some of them, and the average power output is approximately 3.5 watts to 4.0 watts per cell, some are even higher.

When making high power panels, it is very important to include bypass diodes in your panels construction. And we are very happy to include the exact same diodes that are used in 70% of the professionally made high power panels in the world in this listing. We are the exclusive distributor of these diodes in the United States. We actually personally visited the factory that made the No. 1 dominant diodes. We purposefully package the highest rated diodes - 15 amp that are use in solar panel today so that you don't have to worry about the diodes's capacity being too low.

The following are a little more details regarding this kit: (solar cells, tabbing wires, bus wires, flux pen and diodes)

I) Cells:

The standard cell specifications are the following, though the individual cells can be above or below these standards.

Cell Specifications:

• Rated power : 3.5w - 4.0 Wp
• Open circuit voltage: 0.5v -0.6v
• Short circuit current: 5.91 amp -6.12 amp
• Operating voltage: 0.519 v - 0.528 v
• Operating current: 7 amp - 8 amp
• DimensionL: nearly 6 inches by 6 inches or 156mm by 156mm
• Weight: Just above 6 grams, or 0.2 oz.

II) Tabbing Wires: additional 120 feet of tabbing wires to connect the solar cells. Cut them into 12 inch sections to solder onto the bus bars or back side of the cells.

III) Bus Wires: additional 12 feet of bus wires. Use them to connect them between the series and connect the tabbing wires ends to the junction box at the back of the panel.

IV) Flux Pen: an easy-to-use flux pen that dispenses flux onto the bus bar or your tabbing wires without leaving a mess. It's used to aid soldering and bonding of the wires to the cells. A must have item. The flux liquid in the pen has a seal. At first use of the brand new flux, remove cap, hold the flux and point the tip upward, press the tip inside a few times so that the liquid can flow to the tip later on.

V) Diodes - 1 diode rated at 15 amp each. Schottky style diodes.